Community Guidelines & Policies

  • All adults must be approved prior to moving in or subject to a fine.
  • Front Door: Only a wreath and a mat allowed. No plants, shoes, ash trays, toys, or garbage bags – especially dog poop bags.
  • Bar/Grill: You should reserve when you have a party of 8 or more guests. Maximum of 20 people. Please see the office for application. Cannot have a pool party. Must remove all garbage at the end of your party and wipe down all the table and counter tops. $100 deposit.
  • Amenities: 3 guests per unit. EXCEPTION: GYM ONLY 1 GUEST.
  • Car Wash: Resident use only. No friend of family. No oil changing or mechanical repairs. No household garbage in this area.
  • Mailbox: You will receive an email informing you of your mailbox number when your application is complete. No garbage in this area.
  • Household Garbage: Please drive on the right side of the island to avoid stopping traffic. Exit the property to tun around. No U turns before the exit gate.
  • Large Items (Garbage): Exit the property and back up to the double white doors. Please do not dispose of personal household garbage in this area. No garbage in the mailbox area.
  • Dog waste stations: No dumping kitty litter or household garbage.
  • Mandatory Inspections: We must have a key to your unit at all times. If your unit is not inspected, you and your owner become responsible for any and all damages. Inspections June-August.
  • Lock Outs: Please make sure you have an emergency plan. We cannot give access to your unit.
  • Pets: I understand my obligation to notify the association and seek approval for any pets that will be living within the condominium at any time during my occupancy. All dogs must be registered before moving in and/or visiting. Dogs must also be within Southern Pines guidelines or subject to a fine. Maximum limit of 2 dogs with a combined adult weight of 30 lbs, pet unit. You are required to help enforce the rules with other owners/residents.


Move In / Move Out Policy


  • Advanced notice of move ins and move outs must be given to the Management Office. The office will then update our system accordingly. Management reserves the right to ensure orderly move-ins, move-outs, and deliveries.
  • Moving trucks or vehicles MUST NOT park on the sidewalk or lawn or obstruct any street or parking spaces. Movers are not permitted to begin unloading before 9 am or after 7 pm.
  • After move in, all work, including cutting, painting, carpentry, etc, must be performed inside the unit no later than 9 p.m, The foyers, hallways, parking lots and common areas should NOT be used as a work area.
  • Any unwanted furniture must be disposed of in the area assigned behind the trash compactor. No job or work related trash should be disposed on property (e.g. removal of rugs, cabinets, tiles, etc.)