Last updated: June 2019

1. What if I want to rent my unit?(Owners)

There is a procedure that is followed for owners that wish to rent their unit. Call or stop at the Management Office to learn how the tenant approval process works.

2. Where do I deposit my trash or unwanted items?
Southern Pines is utilizing a TRASH COMPACTOR, not the common well known open top dumpster. This is located as you exit the property on the right side. Each person is responsible for taking their garbage out. There is no valet garbage pick-up at your unit. Please respect your Neighbors and do your part to keep Southern Pines a Community that you are proud to be a resident of. The proper way of throwing out garbage is to OPEN THE DOOR, PLACE BAGS IN THE COMPACTOR AND CLOSE THE DOOR. Every fourth or fifth time the door closes, the garbage will be compacted. If the door is not closed, the garbage will collect in the opening and not be compacted. Boxes must be broken down before placing in compactor.Any large items or furniture should be put behind the large white wooden doors on the outside of the gates next to the compactor. No household garbage bags should be placed in receptacles by the mailbox, doggie stations, barbecue area or car wash area. Unfortunately, there is no recycling. Please call The City of Winter Garden and ask where you can take your recycling materials. No job or work related trash should be disposed on property. No household garbage should be left in the large item area.

3. Can I leave anything (trash, chairs, plants, 
ornaments, bicycles, toys etc.) at my 
front door or anywhere around my unit?
No, the documents state that nothing can be left outside the unit at any time.Please understand that when you leave trash outside your unit, you are not only causing an eyesore for your neighbors but a health hazard as well. You are encouraging raccoons, skunks, opossums, rodents, ants and roaches. Please be a good neighbor. Your actions will affect the entire Community. Bicycles, chairs, toys, &plants must be stored inside the unit or garage (if applicable).

4. Who do I report any repairs or maintenance issues needed in my unit?
You must report all issues pertaining to your unit to the owner or their Property Manager. The owners are responsible for any and all repairs to the unit. Outside issues should be reported to the office.


5. Where can I find out what the Rules and Regulations are for my Community?

Please stop by the office and we will be happy to give you a copy. Remember that it is very important to abide by the Rules and Regulations to keep this a Community that you will be happy to be part of. Please share them with every member of your household.

6. What happens if l or one of my family members or guests do not follow the Rules and Regulations?

It is the Association’s responsibility to see that these Rules and Regulations are followed.If anyone is found to be disregarding the guidelines set forth in the Recorded Community Documents, the Association has the obligation to notify the owner. The owner will be sent a Violation Letter and if the behavior continues, then further action will be taken to include fees and or possible eviction at the owner’s expense. Please remember that we must all try to live in harmony as part of The Southern Pines Community.

7. How and when can I Reserve the Barbecue area?Can I reserve the Pool area? Does the theatre room need to be reserved?ls there a limit as to how many guests I can invite?

lf you are planning to have a get together of more than 8 guests, you must come to the office and fill out a Special Events Form to reserve the Barbecue area. The fee is $100.00 (refundable deposit)and will only be used if the area is not cleaned or if there is any damage created from the party. All trash must be taken to the front of the property. If there is any damage,there will be additional fees. The Pool area is not available for Reservations, nor is the Clubhouse or Billiards Room. In consideration of other residents, limit your guests to no more than 20. The BBQ area can be used until 10 p.m. No exceptions! The Theatre Room needs to be reserved in advanced with the office staff or the access control guard on duty. Please note the theatre room and billiard game rooms are closed at 9:30pm; therefore, schedule accordingly and be considerate of others.

8. How many guests may l invite to accompany me to the various amenities (basketball court,racquetball court,pool,tennis court,etc.)?
The number of guests 
allowed are 3 per unit. Only “1”guest in the fitness center.Guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times.You must always sign in with the Access Control Person when entering any of the amenities.Please always carry your I.D. The Access Control Person is on duty Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday and holidays from 10:00 a.m. – 10 p.m. No business for profit shall be run out of these amenities.

9. What are the hours of the pool and jacuzzi?
The pool is opened only from dawn to dusk (daylight to sundown). Our rule of thumb is generally 8:00 am till 5:30 pm during winter hours, and 8:00 am till 8:30 pm during summer hours. No one should be in the pool and/or jacuzzi after that time. It is recommended that the pool/spa should be vacated at the start of lightning, thunder and rain.

10. If I park in a No Parking area within the Community,what will happen?
Your vehicle will be towed with NO WARNING.

11. Are Parking Spaces assigned?No,there is no assigned parking in Southern Pines.

It is on a first come,first serve basis.

12. If I lose my keys to the Mailbox,where can I get Duplicate Keys?

The Winter Garden post office will replace the locks for the mailbox that corresponds to your unit for a fee of approx$25.00. A copy of the lease or proof of ownership is required.

13. What if l lock myself out of my unit or lose my key to the unit?
Because these are privately owned condos, the office is not allowed to help you gain entry to your unit. The keys are only for emergencies (FIRE, FLOOD or DEATH). If you lock yourself out of your unit, you will need to call a locksmith.If you lose the key to the unit,you will need to get it from the property manager and if your lock is re-keyed, please supply a copy to the office.

14. Does my pet have to be on a leash at all times and where can I walk my dog?

Yes,it is stated in the Rules and Regulations and also is mandated by the City of Winter Garden that if your pet is found off the leash, it can be picked up by Animal Control. Pets can be walked all around the perimeter of the Property. Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pet. We have Doggy Stations for your convenience at various locations throughout the Community. There are plastic bags for your use. Please use them!!!Please do not allow your pets to do their necessities in front of someone’s unit.

15. What do in case of an emergency?

Call 911. Do not call the office first. Your safety and well-being comes before anything else. lf you have emergency issues after hours such as: Floods, fire, broken pipes on the Property, and call the office#@407-656-0904 and follow the instructions to leave an Emergency message. If this is a non-emergency for the office, please leave a general message to be picked up the next business day.If you consider the non-emergency a police matter, call WGPD non-emergency number @ 407 656-3636.

16. What are the office hours of the Management Office?

The Management Office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and closed during lunch. For those using the business center, please note that Management begins to close down those areas of the clubhouse at approximately 5:15 p.m.

17. Is there a fax and/or copy machine at the office?
There is a copy machine for tenants in the business center. You must bring your own paper. If you need to fax something or receive a fax, you may ask the staff for help. Any local faxes are free. Long distance faxes are $1.00 per page.

18. What if my access card stops working,I lose it,and I need to purchase another card?
These cards have no guarantees and sometimes may get de-magnetized if they are mistreated, left in the sun,or close to other magnetic cards. If this happens, you may need to purchase another card. If you are a renter,your owner/property manager needs to send an email to the management office,authorizing Management to sell you a card. Cards are sold for $25.00 (money order, credit card, or personal check). No cash accepted. Please report your lost card so that we can de-activate the number and prevent others from keeping your card and using it.

19. Can FedEx or UPS drop off packages to the clubhouse if I’m not home?
Due to limited space and liability reasons, the Management Office will not accept any packages.

20. Is touch up paint available?
Touch-up paint is not available from the Association. Contact Sherwin Williams located at 535 near Highway 50 for advice on how to match paints. See the Management Office regarding codes.
21. Can I change the locks after move in?

If it is agreed,then please make sure that our office has a copy of the new key.

22. How do my guests or a vendor gain access to the property?
They can call you from our tele-entry unit. You dial 3 to give them access. If it’s during business hours, and they cannot get a hold of you, they can call the office and identify themselves to gain entry. Please discourage any tailgating from guests or vendors. Please note that any damage to our gate arms will be reported to the police department as property damage and there will be a $400 charge (as posted on the gate).



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